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Buying Up Hours

If you fall short of the 400-hour minimum during the fixed three-month period, or you have not accumulated at least 1,800 hours in the previous 12 months, you may be able to continue coverage by “buying up” the number of hours you need to remain eligible. The buy-up rate is your employer’s hourly remittance rate that is in effect during the quarter you have the shortfall.

To be eligible for the buy up, the following conditions must apply:

  • You must have worked at least 400 hours in each of the three consecutive quarters immediately preceding the quarter in which you have the shortfall.
  • You must work at least one hour in the quarter you’re buying up.
  • You must provide proof of continued employment in either the month before the eligibility coverage period or the first month of the new eligibility coverage period.
  • You send payment for the number of hours you’re buying up directly to TeamstersCare by check or money order. The amount you pay is your buy-up rate times the number of hours you fell short—up to a $1,000 maximum.

Please Note: Once you buy up for one quarter, you must then work – and have remittances paid on your behalf by your employer – for three consecutive quarters before you have the opportunity to buy up again.

If you are not eligible under the 400-hour rule, the 1,800-hour look back or the buy-up option, you may have the option to continue your medical coverage under COBRA. For more information, see pages 11-12 of the Active Members Summary Plan Description.