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Reinstating Lost Eligibility

If you fail to meet the eligibility requirements and are not eligible to buy up hours, then you will lose your TeamstersCare coverage. To reinstate your eligibility, you must work at least 400 hours in a rolling three-month reinstatement period that occurs either before or within the 12 months after you’ve lost coverage. Once you’re ineligible for more than 12 months, you must reinstate just as though you were a new member.

When reinstating, you can work your 400 hours before or after the date on which your eligibility ends. The number of months you lose coverage, and the number of months of eligibility you earn when you reinstate, both depend on the relationship between the date you lose eligibility and the three-month rolling reinstatement period when you work your 400 hours. Once you become ineligible, you must always lose at least one month of coverage before you can regain eligibility.

For Example: If you lose your eligibility on April 30th, regardless of how or when you reinstate, you must lose coverage for at least the month of May. The earliest three-month period you can use to reinstate is February/March/April. So, on April 30th, you look back at those three months; if you reached 400 hours during that period, you lose coverage for May, but reinstate as of June 1st.

However, if you don’t make your 400 hours in February/March/April, you then “roll” forward to the next three-month period of March/April/May. If on May 31st you look back and see you’ve worked at least 400 hours, your eligibility reinstates on June 1st. If not, you’ll “roll” forward to the next three-month period, April/May/June, and so on, until you work 400 or more hours in any three-consecutive month period.