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TeamstersCareOnce you are eligible for TeamstersCare benefits, you will receive an enrollment package from Charlestown Member Services. Within this package is an enrollment form that you must complete and return to Member Services (with the required documentation) within 31 days. If your documentation is received within this timeframe, your benefits will be activated retroactively to your eligibility date.

If the enrollment form is not received within this 31 day timeframe, your benefits will be activated on the first day of the month that TeamstersCare receives your form and documentation.

Change in Family Status Notification

If you have a change in family status, you must notify Charlestown Member Services by telephone or in writing within 31 days of the change. If you fail to do so, TeamstersCare cannot ensure continuous or timely coverage of any claims incurred beyond that timeframe. A change in family status includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Moving out of the geographic area that is covered by your medical option
  • A change in your address or the address of an eligible dependent
  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation
  • The addition of a new dependent by birth, adoption or marriage
  • Death of an eligible participant
  • Loss of dependent eligibility
  • Returning to work after a disability
  • Any change in your own or your dependent’s employment-related healthcare coverage
  • Eligibility for Medicare and/or Social Security disability status
  • Coverage for you and/or any of your dependents under any group benefit plans other than TeamstersCare

You may be required to submit certain changes in writing or proof of your change in family status at the time you notify us of the change.

TeamstersCare manages all eligibility and enrollment issues. Anytime you provide us with eligibility-related information, we’ll notify all the vendors on your behalf.