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All About the Affordable Care Act

How does the Affordable Care Act affect ME?

It is widely known that the Affordable Care Act (often called the ACA or Obamacare) requires you to have health insurance in 2014. If you don’t, you will pay a penalty. However, we recognize many folks still have lingering confusion over this new law and its impact, and we thought it would be helpful to answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: I’m covered under TeamstersCare. Will I have to pay a penalty?
A: No. Your coverage through TeamstersCare will meet (and frequently exceed) all necessary criteria and you will not be penalized.

Q: What is the Marketplace?
A: The Marketplace is an online location where private companies sell health insurance to those who are looking to purchase it. Coverage is available in January 2014, and costs and plan design vary by state. Some applicants (those who don’t have access to affordable coverage and whose income falls below a certain threshold) may qualify for reduced premiums and lower costs in the form of tax credits and subsidies.

Q: I’m covered under TeamstersCare. Do I need to enroll in coverage through the Marketplace?
A: No, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, your benefits will continue to be provided by TeamstersCare.

Q: How do my benefits through TeamstersCare compare to the plans offered through the Marketplace?
A: TeamstersCare offers coverage that is far more comprehensive and less expensive than the Marketplace options. While the Marketplace plans are generally limited to medical and prescription coverage with considerable out-of-pocket costs, your health benefits package includes medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, EAP, and audiology at very little cost to you and your family. Many of our participants also qualify for outstanding non-health benefits such as Life/AD&D, short-term disability, continued eligibility while out sick or injured, and retiree coverage.

Q: What is the Marketplace Notice?
A: Your employer is required to send you a notice about the Marketplace. If you are covered under TeamstersCare when you receive the notice, no action is required by you.

Q: My co-worker has applied for health insurance in the Marketplace. Why?
A: Union members may decide to purchase coverage through the Marketplace if they do not meet the eligibility requirements for TeamstersCare. More information can be found at