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April 2021: Sleep Health

Build a sleep-positive bedroom

A good night’s sleep can empower your body to recover and help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the rest that they need. Sleep issues affect people of all ages and can have a negative impact your health. One way to improve your sleep is to create a relaxing ambience in your bedroom.

Although it is often overlooked, your bedroom should be clean and organized. Visual clutter can generate stress, which is known to prevent quality sleep. A messy room may reinforce the feeling of having unresolved tasks. It can generate anxious feelings that can make it harder to relax your mind when you want to fall asleep. Keeping the noise down is important for your sleep as well. If you can’t remove nearby sources of noise, consider adding a fan or white noise machine to your room.

Your bed should be comfortable and welcoming. Look for bedding that feels nice and maintains a relaxing temperature during the night. Most research supports sleeping in a cooler room that is around 65 degrees. It’s also important to choose a good mattress and pillow to reduce aches and pains. For a final touch, try to use light scents, such as lavender. Pleasant aromas can help create a calming environment that promotes rest.

Crafting a soothing room is a first step in improving your sleep, but it isn’t going to cure your problems. If you are struggling with sleep issues, you might need to address your sleep routine. Talk with your primary care provider if you feel that your sleep problems are affecting your health.

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