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April Newsletter: Ergonomics

Improve Your Musculoskeletal Health Through Mindful Movements

How you move throughout your daily life can affect your health. The way your bones, muscles, joints and connective tissue interact with each other all play a significant role in things like your posture and susceptibility to injury. As you go about your tasks, your body is constantly adjusting and your musculoskeletal system can come under greater stress and load if you haven’t developed the necessary capacity in your tissues. Small improper movements and positions add up over time leading to pain and can make you more prone to injury.

Becoming aware of your body through activities, like yoga, is a good way to begin improving your musculoskeletal health. Yoga, as a form of exercise, involves the mind and body. Yoga combines slow movements, stretches, and poses with breathing, mental focus, and relaxation. Focusing on body awareness and mindfulness can help you learn to feel what is stiff, tight or unstable and what you should spend more time focusing on. By regularly practicing yoga, you may find that your balance and stability increase, giving you more confidence in your posture and daily movements.

Focus on improving your musculoskeletal health this month by practicing the simple yoga poses found in this month’s newsletter.

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