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TeamstersCareTeamstersCare provides its members with comprehensive dental benefits for routine cleanings, x-rays, fillings, dentures and other dental services. These services are provided through both our in-house dental offices and through a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) program called Dental Blue Freedom.

Important Note: Whether or not you are eligible for all of the following benefits depends on your member status. For full details on your TeamstersCare benefits, please refer to the Benefits Overview section or your Summary Plan Description.

TeamstersCare In-House Dental Program

TeamstersCare provides its members with a broad range of dental services at three convenient locations.  To make an appointment with one of our experienced dental professionals, please call one of our three dental offices below.  Our offices are located in:

In-House Dental Services

TeamstersCare In-House Dental offers the following services to our members and their families:

  • Preventive dental services at no cost to you:
    • Oral examinations, charting and x-rays to determine your dental needs
    • Cleanings
    • Fluoride treatments
    • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Routine dental care, for a $5 TeamsterShare payment: 
    • Emergency visits
    • Fillings
    • Sealants
    • Re-cementing crowns
    • Denture adjustment (if dentures are more than 3 months old)
    • Denture reline
    • Denture repair
  • Dental care for a $10 TeamsterShare payment:
    • Simple extractions
    • Complete dentures
    • Partial dentures
    • Space Maintainer/Night Guard
    • Root canal (limited to six front upper and 6 front lower teeth only)

Dental Emergencies

At one time or another, you may experience a dental problem that requires prompt attention. During our normal office hours, you may call the nearest TeamstersCare office to schedule an emergency visit. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • What is the nature and location of the problem?
  • How long has the problem existed?
  • Is there pain, swelling, or bleeding?

When you arrive at the TeamstersCare dental office for your appointment, we’ll take all appropriate steps to diagnose the problem and relieve your discomfort. If we cannot resolve the problem completely during your visit, we’ll explain your options for follow-up treatment.

Dental Blue Freedom Dental Benefits

If your TeamstersCare benefits include dental services through Dental Blue Freedom, you have the flexibility of choosing any dental provider. Your out-of-pocket costs will lower if you choose a dentist in one of the Dental Blue Freedom networks. TeamstersCare has a pre-set Fee Allowance Schedule of the dollar amounts it will pay for covered dental procedures. View the current Fee Allowance Schedule here.

2023 Fee Allowance Schedule

2024 Fee Allowance Schedule

Find a Dentist

To find a dentist in the one of the Dental Blue Freedom networks, go to the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, and select “Dental Blue PPO” for the greatest discounts, or “Dental Blue” for the broadest network of dentists.

Contact BCBSMA

If you have any questions about your Dental Blue Freedom benefits, call BCBS Member Service at (800) 241-0803. You may also log into the website to create an online account for access to full details on your dental benefits, along with oral health resources and answers to frequently asked questions. Make sure you have your Dental Blue Freedom ID card available, as you’ll need your TeamstersCare group information to register.

Filing a Dental Claim

BCBSMA handles all in and out-of-network claims. If you have to submit a dental claim yourself, you should be able to obtain the form from your dentist’s office. Otherwise, you may call BCBS Member Service at (800) 241-0803. All claims must be submitted within 12 months of service date to:

P.O. Box 986030
Boston, MA 02298

Dental FAQs

Does my dental treatment at a TeamstersCare Dental Office affect my coverage through Dental Blue Freedom?

 No, services provided at TeamstersCare Dental offices have no effect on your Dental Blue Freedom coverage.

Can I have some of my dental work done by a private dentist and still come to the TeamstersCare dental offices for the rest of my treatment?

Yes. The TeamstersCare dental staff will coordinate your dental treatment and help advise you on how to maximize your dental benefits among your dental providers.

I’m eligible for services, but I’ve never been to a TeamstersCare dental office and I have a dental problem that requires immediate attention. Can I be seen for a dental emergency?

Yes. The TeamstersCare dental offices will see any eligible member, dependent or retiree for dental emergency visits during normal office hours. Call one of the TeamstersCare dental offices, describe your dental problem, and we will attempt to accommodate you in a timely manner.

My child’s teeth are coming in crowded and (s)he will need braces; do I need a referral from my TeamstersCare dentist to bring my child to an orthodontist?

No. You may see an orthodontist of your choice without a referral from a dentist. Let the orthodontist’s office know that you have Dental Blue Freedom insurance coverage.

How often am I eligible for new dentures (complete or partial dentures)?

You are eligible no more frequently than every 5 years.

How often can I have my teeth cleaned at a TeamstersCare Dental Office?

The TeamstersCare dentist or hygienist will evaluate your dental condition and determine an appropriate re-care schedule, usually every 3, 4, or 6 months.

What if I need to reschedule my TeamstersCare dental appointment?

When you call TeamstersCare for a dental appointment, we reserve that time exclusively for you.  If life gets in the way of your schedule and you need to cancel an appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time. Because broken appointments lead to longer wait times for everyone, you will be charged a $10 fee for missed appointments.

Dental Resources