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TeamstersCare has partnered with Davis Vision to provide you and your family with benefits to protect your eyesight. Whether you have access to vision benefits depends on your member status. You will find full details on your plan in the Benefits Overview section or by referring to your Summary Plan Description.

Using Your Davis Vision Benefits

Under the TeamstersCare plan, you can visit any Davis Vision provider in the United States for a broad range of eye care services and supplies – generally at no cost to you. To locate a participating provider in your area, you can call Davis Vision at (800) 999-5431 or go to the Davis Vision website. You can also call Charlestown Member Services to receive a list of New England providers.

If you have questions about your vision benefits, please call (800) 283-9374 or click here.

Contact Lenses

If you use contact lenses, please note that the plan does not cover the cost of extra lenses, replacement lenses or contact lens insurance. However, if you use disposable lenses, you may purchase additional lenses at a discount from Davis Vision. For information on this option, call 1-800-LENS123.

Vision FAQs

How often are routine vision services available?

A member and spouse can obtain routine vision services through Davis Vision once every two years. Dependent children are eligible once a year.

How do I find out if I am eligible for routine vision benefits?

Call Davis Vision at 1-800-283-9374 or visit their website.

Do I have to go to a particular eye doctor?

Yes. The TeamstersCare plan only provides routine vision services through Davis Vision providers.

How do I find a provider?

Call Davis Vision at 1-800-283-9374 or visit their website.

Do I show my Blue Cross I.D. card for routine vision services?

No. Routine vision services are provided through Davis Vision and they do not issue identification cards. The identification number is typically the member’s social security number.

Do I need to select my eyewear at the same time as my eye exam?

Yes. If you go to a provider for an eye exam and that provider offers glasses or contacts, you must make your full selection of eyewear at the same time as your authorized eye exam.

My provider only conducts eye exams. How long do I have to select my eye glasses?

You must select your eyeglasses from another Davis Vision provider within 30 days of the eye exam.

Does the TeamstersCare plan cover contact lenses?

Yes, one pair of standard, daily-wear soft contact lenses or a three-month supply of disposable lenses with a cleaning kit may be selected instead of all eyeglasses. A $25 in-network copayment applies.

I am having trouble with my new glasses and I don’t like how they look, what can I do?

Glasses are fully guaranteed for 30 days and may be exchanged or returned for any reason within that timeframe. Eyeglasses are also guaranteed against breakage for one year. If your glasses break within a year of obtaining them, return them to your provider.

I have a medical issue that is affecting my vision. Is that covered under Davis Vision?

 No. The Davis Vision Plan covers routine eye exams and provides either eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you have medical coverage with TeamstersCare, coverage is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield for treatment of eye ailments with a referral from your primary care doctor.

Does the TeamstersCare vision plan cover laser vision correction surgery?

TeamstersCare has negotiated a 25% discount from the usual and customary fee if you choose laser vision correction surgery at a participating Davis Vision facility.