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December is Stress Management Month

How do you keep your cool?

Some stress can be beneficial and may lead to actual problem-solving, but a lot of our stress is unnecessary and even harmful. Healthy habits can protect you from the harmful effects of stress. Below are 6 positive healthy habits you may want to develop.

  1. A daily dose of friendship is great medicine. Call or write friends and family to share your feelings and ask them to share theirs.
  2. Regular physical activity can relieve mental and physical tension. Physically active adults have a lower risk of depression.
  3. Remember to laugh. Laughter makes us feel good. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud at a joke, a funny movie, or a comic.
  4. Try to get six to eight hours of sleep each night. If you can’t sleep, take steps to help reduce stress and depression. Physical activity may also improve the quality of sleep.
  5. “Pace” instead of “race.” Plan ahead and allow enough time to get the most important things done without having to rush.
  6. Don’t worry and be happy. The world won’t end if your kitchen isn’t cleaned. You may need to do things, but take a minute to focus on your well-being if needed.

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