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Emergency room wait times are at an all time high. Getting care doesn’t have to take so long or cost you so much…..

TeamstersCare BCBS participants have more options than ever to get the right level of care – quicker, less expensive alternatives to the emergency room.

Always go to the nearest emergency room in a life-threatening situation. In other cases,

you have many options that are convenient and can SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY.

Unless it’s a true emergency, your doctor’s office is always the best place to start.

Some other available options are:

  • Call the Blue Care Line at 1-888-247-BLUE (2583) to speak with a registered nurse who can offer expert answers to your health questions. Available 24/7 at no cost to you. LEARN MORE
  • Use Telehealth for a real time on-line video visit with a doctor for many common conditions. Available 24/7 for an office copay ($15). LEARN MORE
  • Limited Service Clinics are located within some retail pharmacies and are available to treat simple medical concerns. Available days, evenings and week-ends for an office copay ($15). LEARN MORE
  • Urgent Care Centers are local clinics that treat conditions that aren’t life threatening but require immediate treatment. Examples are broken bones, stitches and minor injuries. Available days, evenings and week-ends for an office copay ($15). LEARN MORE

You play an active role in keeping healthcare costs low for yourself and for all TeamstersCare members. Watch the following video to learn how staying healthy and making smart healthcare choices helps keep healthcare costs to a minimum – both now and in the future.