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Eligibility FAQs

How Do I Get TeamstersCare Insurance Benefits?

In order to become eligible for benefits in the Active TeamstersCare program, members must work and their employers must have remitted contributions of at least 400 hours (225 hours for part-time UPS members) over a consecutive three-month period.  Coverage will begin the following month.

To become eligible for benefits in the MSTS (Moving, Storage & Trade Show) program, members must work and their employers must have remitted contributions of at least 550 hours in a fixed six-month determination period.  Coverage takes effect in a future six-month eligibility period.  For further clarification, click here.

Once you become eligible, TeamstersCare will send you a new member enrollment package which includes an enrollment form to be completed and returned to Member Services.

What Do I Do if I’m Getting Divorced?

In the event of a divorce, you must notify TeamstersCare Member Services immediately.  If you are required by your divorce documentation to continue coverage for your ex-spouse, you must submit a copy of your divorce documentation that stipulates the continuation of coverage.  If you are not required to continue coverage, benefits for your ex-spouse will terminate on the date of your divorce.  It is very important that you notify TeamstersCare of a divorce immediately so that claims are not paid to an ineligible dependent.  You must also inform TeamstersCare immediately if you or your ex-spouse remarries.

How Long Can My Dependent Children have Coverage?

Dependent children are eligible to receive benefits up to the last day of the month the child turns age 26, regardless of their student status, residence or marital status.

Enrollment FAQs

What Personal Information Do I Need to Report to TeamstersCare?

Any change in family status that affects eligibility and enrollment must be reported to TeamstersCare within 30 days of the change.  This includes a change of address for any family member, a change in telephone number, the addition of a new family member, a change in your life insurance beneficiary or a divorce.

How Do I Change My Address?

You can get a Change of Address Form at any TeamstersCare facility, or by downloading one here.  Forms should be dropped off or mailed to TeamstersCare Member Services, 16 Sever Street, Charlestown, MA 02129.  You can always call TeamstersCare Member Services at (617) 241-9220, ext. 2 to report a change in status.

Do I Need to Notify my Medical Provider of An Information Change?

No, TeamstersCare manages all eligibility and enrollment issues.  When you notify TeamstersCare of any change in status, we’ll notify all vendors on your behalf.

I Just Got Married, Can I Add My Spouse to the Plan?

Yes, a new spouse can be added to the Plan.  Call TeamstersCare Member Services for an Enrollment Form and return the completed form to us with a copy of your marriage certificate.

I Just Had a Baby, How do I Enroll My Newborn in the Plan?

In most cases, a newborn can be added by calling TeamstersCare Member Services.  If required, we’ll ask you to fill out an enrollment form and submit the child’s birth certificate.

Termination FAQs

I Don’t Think I’ve Worked Enough Hours to Maintain My Coverage.  What Happens Now?

If an Active Member does not have 400 hours in employer contributions submitted in a quarter (225 hours for part-time UPS members), coverage will terminate.

If an MSTS member does not have 550 hours submitted in a six-month eligibility determination period, coverage will terminate.

If your coverage is terminated, TeamstersCare will send you a termination package explaining your continuation of coverage options.

How Much Does COBRA Cost?

For 2021, the monthly premium for COBRA health benefits (medical and pharmacy only) is $1,809.  The monthly premium for COBRA health, audiology, EAP, dental and vision coverage is $1,943.

Will I Be Eligible for the Health Insurance Marketplace?

All TeamstersCare members have the ability to apply for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  In the Marketplace, you could be eligible for a new kind of tax credit that lowers your monthly premiums right away, and you can see what your monthly premium, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs will be before you make a decision to enroll.  Being eligible for COBRA does not limit your eligibility to receive a tax credit through the Marketplace.  For more information about your insurance options through the Health Insurance Marketplace, visit

If I Enroll in COBRA Coverage, Can I Then Enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

If you elect COBRA coverage now, you will only be able to enroll in the Marketplace at Open Enrollment, which begins on November 15th each year or when the entire length of your COBRA coverage expires (typically 18 months).  There are some exceptions in the case of certain changes in family status.  For more information, please visit

Can I Terminate Coverage for My Dependent Child?

Coverage for dependents under age 19 cannot be terminated unless there is a court order mandating the termination of coverage.  Coverage for a dependent age 19 through 26 can be terminated if the dependent and member submit a Waiver of Coverage form verifying that the dependent has other insurance coverage.  This option is not available for those who wish to obtain coverage through a state-sponsored program, such as MassHealth.

Retiree FAQs

Does TeamstersCare Offer Retiree Benefits When I Retire?

TeamstersCare does offer retiree medical coverage for members up to age 65 in the Active plan who meet certain qualifications and apply within 30 days of losing TeamstersCare medical benefits.  There are also two options available for members age 65 and older.  Contact TeamstersCare Member Services to see if you qualify.

Life Insurance FAQs

Does TeamstersCare Provide Life Insurance?

Yes, full-time members who are covered under the Active and MSTS programs are provided with $50,000 in life insurance and another $50,000 accidental death benefit.  We also provide a $5,000 spousal death benefit and a $2,000 dependent death benefit.  Contact Member Services if you want to verify or change your beneficiaries.

Disability FAQs

Does TeamstersCare Provide a Lost Wage Benefit if I’m Disabled and Unable to Work?

Yes, TeamstersCare provides a weekly disability benefit for full-time members covered under the Active and MSTS programs who are disabled due to a non-work related illness or injury. Benefits are payable on the eighth day of disability for a maximum of 26 weeks. Checks are issued once a week and mailed on Tuesdays.

Pharmacy FAQs

I have misplaced (or never received) my Express Scripts ID card. How do I get a new one?

You need a current Express Scripts prescription drug card to use a retail pharmacy. Contact Express Scripts by phone at 877-543-7097 or online at They will issue you a card and will also give you the information you’ll need to fill a prescription before the card arrives.

I am trying to get my prescription filled at a retail pharmacy and the Pharmacist told me my prescription card was invalid. What do I do?

You need a current Express Scripts prescription drug card to use a retail pharmacy. Contact Express Scripts by phone at 877-543-7097 or online at They will issue you a card and will also give you the information you’ll need to fill a prescription before the card arrives.

My medical card is not working at a retail pharmacy.  Why?

Your pharmacy benefit is provided by Express Scripts.  You must use your Express Scripts prescription ID card at a retail pharmacy.

How do I get a 90-day supply of my medication (rather than a 30-day supply) so I can save on my copays?

If you take maintenance medications (prescription medications that you take for chronic long-term conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, etc.), ask your doctor to write you a 90-day prescription. You must fill these 90-day prescriptions at one of the TeamstersCare Pharmacies or through the Express Scripts Mail Order Program; you cannot fill them at a retail pharmacy.

What assistance does TeamstersCare provide that will help me quit smoking?

TeamstersCare offers several options to help you quit smoking. We cover the two medications listed below:

  • Bupropion SR (Generic Zyban):
    • You are eligible for up to two free 12-week trials per year with no copay through the TeamstersCare pharmacies or Express Scripts mail order program.
  • Chantix:
    • You are eligible for up to two 12-week trials with copay at TeamstersCare pharmacies or through the Express Scripts mail order program. You may file a claim with TeamstersCare for reimbursement of the copays.

How do I get reimbursed for Chantix copays?

Once you have filled your prescription for Chantix at a TeamstersCare Pharmacy or through the Express Scripts Mail Order Program, you may submit your receipt along with a Chantix Reimbursement Form to TeamstersCare Member Services. Forms are available at both TeamstersCare Pharmacy locations. You may also download a form here.

We also cover Nicotine Patches with a prescription from your doctor with a generic copay.

Additional help is available through our EAP – Employee Assistance Program – for Stop Smoking Counseling at 1-800-851-8326.

Does TeamstersCare cover Erectile Dysfunction medications?

Yes, erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Levitra, and Staxyn are covered with a limit of 6 tablets per month or 18 tablets for 90 days.

How do I use the Prescription Mail Order Option?

Ask your doctor to send your prescriptions to Express Scripts. In addition, you must contact Express Scripts to set up your account and provide billing information. You may contact Express Scripts toll-free at 877-543-7097 or online at

How do I get a copy of my medication records?

To obtain a copy of your medication records, you need to complete a Release of Information Form and submit it to a TeamstersCare Pharmacy. This form is available at both TeamstersCare pharmacies or by clicking here. If you cannot get to a TeamstersCare Pharmacy and are unable to print the form, please contact one of the TeamstersCare Pharmacies directly and we’ll mail it to you.

Can I obtain a copy of my yearly TeamstersCare pharmacy copays for tax purposes?

Yes, you may request a printout of your yearly TeamstersCare pharmacy copays by contacting one of the TeamstersCare Pharmacies.

I am going on vacation and will run out of my prescription medication while I’m away. Is it possible to get an advance on my refill?

TeamstersCare Pharmacies are able to fill your medications early under certain circumstances. Contact the pharmacy with your request.

Is there a benefit to using a TeamstersCare pharmacy instead of my local drug store?

There are two major benefits to using a TeamstersCare pharmacy. First, you will pay a lower copay than at retail. Secondly, you are able to fill your prescription for 90 days at a time rather than the 30-day limit at a retail pharmacy.

Can I call ahead to get my prescription refilled at the TeamstersCare Pharmacies?

Yes! In fact, that’s the preferred method and will ensure your prescription is ready when you arrive. To refill your prescription at a TeamstersCare pharmacy, call the Charlestown or Stoughton location or request a refill using our online prescription refill service.

Dental FAQs

Does my dental treatment at a TeamstersCare Dental Office affect my coverage through Dental Blue Freedom?

 No, services provided at TeamstersCare Dental offices have no effect on your Dental Blue Freedom coverage.

Can I have some of my dental work done by a private dentist and still come to the TeamstersCare dental offices for the rest of my treatment?

Yes. The TeamstersCare dental staff will coordinate your dental treatment and help advise you on how to maximize your dental benefits among your dental providers.

I’m eligible for services, but I’ve never been to a TeamstersCare dental office and I have a dental problem that requires immediate attention. Can I be seen for a dental emergency?

Yes. The TeamstersCare dental offices will see any eligible member, dependent or retiree for dental emergency visits during normal office hours. Call one of the TeamstersCare dental offices, describe your dental problem, and we will attempt to accommodate you in a timely manner.

My child’s teeth are coming in crowded and (s)he will need braces; do I need a referral from my TeamstersCare dentist to bring my child to an orthodontist?

No. You may see an orthodontist of your choice without a referral from a dentist. Let the orthodontist’s office know that you have Dental Blue insurance.

How often am I eligible for new dentures (complete or partial dentures)?

You are eligible no more frequently than every 5 years.

How often can I have my teeth cleaned at a TeamstersCare Dental Office?

The TeamstersCare dentist or hygienist will evaluate your dental condition and determine an appropriate re-care schedule, usually every 3, 4, or 6 months.

What if I need to reschedule my TeamstersCare dental appointment?

When you call TeamstersCare for a dental appointment, we reserve that time exclusively for you.  If life gets in the way of your schedule and you need to cancel an appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time.  Because broken appointments lead to longer wait times for everyone, you will be charged a $10 fee for missed appointments.

Vision FAQs

How often are routine vision services available?

A member and spouse can obtain routine vision services through Davis Vision once every two years. Dependent children are eligible once a year.

How do I find out if I am eligible for routine vision benefits?

Call Davis Vision at 1-800-283-9374 or visit their website.

Do I have to go to a particular eye doctor?

Yes. The TeamstersCare plan only provides routine vision services through Davis Vision providers.

How do I find a provider?

Call Davis Vision at 1-800-283-9374 or visit their website.

Do I show my medical card for routine vision services?

No. Routine vision services are provided through Davis Vision and beginning in January 2018, Davis Vision issues identification cards. The identification number starts with TC. If you do not have your card available, you can provide the member’s social security number.

Do I need to select my eyewear at the same time as my eye exam?

Yes. If you go to a provider for an eye exam and that provider offers glasses or contacts, you must make your full selection of eyewear at the same time as your authorized eye exam.

My provider only conducts eye exams. How long do I have to select my eye glasses?

You must select your eyeglasses from another Davis Vision provider within 30 days of the eye exam.

Does the TeamstersCare plan cover contact lenses?

Yes, one pair of standard, daily-wear soft contact lenses or a three-month supply of disposable lenses with a cleaning kit may be selected instead of all eyeglasses. A $25 in-network copayment applies.

I am having trouble with my new glasses and I don’t like how they look, what can I do?

Glasses are fully guaranteed for 30 days and may be exchanged or returned for any reason within that timeframe. Eyeglasses are also guaranteed against breakage for one year. If your glasses break within a year of obtaining them, return them to your provider.

I have a medical issue that is affecting my vision. Is that covered under Davis Vision?

 No. The Davis Vision Plan covers routine eye exams and provides either eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you have medical coverage with TeamstersCare, coverage is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield for treatment of eye ailments with a referral from your primary care doctor.

Does the TeamstersCare vision plan cover laser vision correction surgery?

TeamstersCare has negotiated a 25% discount from the usual and customary fee if you choose laser vision correction surgery at a participating Davis Vision facility.

Hearing/Audiology FAQs

What is my hearing care benefit?

Each year, you, your spouse, and your eligible children (ages 3 years and up) may have comprehensive hearing testing done at the Charlestown Audiology Office. More frequent visits are available if needed. All services are provided by our licensed and certified audiologist.

What’s an audiologist?

An audiologist is a licensed professional who specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of people with hearing loss.

If I need a hearing aid, how much will it cost?

If our audiologist determines that hearing aids are needed, we may provide them at no cost to you or your eligible dependents. Please note that members of the Retiree Prescription Drug Program (age 65 and over) are referred to a local hearing aid dispenser to purchase hearing aids at a discounted price. Our audiologist will guide you through this process.

How long does it take to get a hearing aid?

The evaluation and hearing aid fitting are usually accomplished over several weeks, with approximately four visits scheduled three weeks apart.

What can I expect from hearing aids?

Hearing aids will not restore “normal” hearing, but they will help you hear better in quiet and in mild to moderate background noise. It takes time to “re-train your brain” to listen with hearing aids. Patience, practice and honest dialogue with the audiologist will ensure your success.


What should I do if I’m having a personal problem?

Call one of our experienced EAP counselors at 1-800-851-8326 to discuss your concerns and/or problem. All calls are confidential and there is no charge for this consultation.

What are some common problems that prompt people to seek help through TeamstersCare EAP?

Family, marital, drug and alcohol problems, and stress related to personal or work issues are the most common.

Where can I go for help?

If you are in a crisis, you should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room right away. If it’s not an emergency, call us at 1-800-851-8326 to speak with one of our counselors.

What can I expect when I call TeamstersCare EAP?

When contacting our EAP office for help, you will be speaking to a licensed counselor who will give you advice by evaluating your personal situation. We may then meet in person to discuss the matter in a private setting (such as TeamstersCare sites in Charlestown, Chelmsford or Stoughton) or we may direct you to community resources that are covered by your health plan.

I am worried that my employer or supervisor at work will find out that I am seeking help.

The TeamstersCare EAP service is voluntary and confidential. No information can be released to anyone, including your employer, without your written consent.

Are EAP services only for the union employee?

Counseling services provided by the EAP are for the member and all eligible dependents.