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February 2018: Readiness to Change

Heart Health

Good for the soul, good for the heart.

Practicing gratitude can have lasting effects in a person’s life. It can even help lower blood pressure. Grateful people engage in more exercise and have better dietary behaviors. In five minutes, you can practice gratitude from the HEART by following this guide:

Health: Your feet can take you up a mountain, your arms can hold someone you love. Take a minute to marvel at the finely tuned machinery of your body.

Eat: Take a minute to savor a yummy meal with your special valentine.

Activity: Did you give your all at the gym or take a quiet moment to reflect? Take a minute to focus on an important moment.

Relationship: Is it someone who sets your heart on fire, or makes you laugh until you cry? Take a minute to smile as you think about this special person.

Time: Every single day you wake up with 24 brand new hours. Take a minute to be thankful for the gift of time.

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