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July is Sun Safety Month

Pool & Beach Safety

Beach vacations, pool days, and hanging out at the lake – finally, warm sunshine and longer days to linger outside. This season of easygoing, laid-back living is prime time for cooling off and relaxing in the water. People of all ages can enjoy splashing around, but adults need to be vigilant and make sure that kids know the safety rules before they get wet.

Enjoy the cool of the pool this summer while practicing water safety methods based on the different bodies of water. Splash around in the ocean, pool, or lake and create fond memories, but keep the following water safety tips in mind as you start your summer adventure:

Pool Safety

The public pools and water parks you visit this summer should be staffed by qualified lifeguards. Before taking a dip, make sure the water is clean and clear. Always follow rules regarding behavior and height requirements, and know which rides are appropriate for your child’s age and swimming ability. Children who aren’t yet toilet-trained should always wear waterproof swim diapers, and parents should change diapers in designated changing areas. Sick individuals should stay out of the water.

Beach & Lake Safety

Rip currents, mistakenly called undertows, can occur at any beach with breaking waves, including lake shores. Swimming in waves can be harder than in a pool because it’s easier to get cold and tired while swimming in surf. Be aware of the daily water conditions and the location of the closest lifeguard, and always swim with a buddy. If you get caught in a rip current, don’t fight it. Remain calm. Swim or float parallel to the shore. Once out of the current, swim toward shore.

Water Vehicle Safety

Renting kayaks, canoes, or motorized watercraft is fun, but it’s important for all boat passengers to wear life jackets. Sign up for boater education classes when possible. Remember, you may be sharing the water with nearby swimmers, so always remain aware of your surroundings. It is also important to note that you should never drink alcohol while operating a boat, because it’s as dangerous as drinking and driving a car.

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