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July Sun Safety Month

How Wonderful Is Water?

Enjoying the summer weather can also come with health risks. One of those risks is dehydration from not getting enough fluids when it is hot and humid outside. When your body gets hot you begin to sweat causing you to lose fluids and electrolytes and if it is humid, that sweat can’t evaporate to cool you. This leads to an increase in your body temperature causing you to need even more fluids. You can avoid dehydration by increasing your water intake on hot and humid days. Water, makes up as much as 75% of your body weight. It helps break down the nutrients your body needs and transports them to where they are needed. The water in your body is like a shock absorber and protects your bones and tissues. It also keeps your body’s salt levels balanced. Here are some more amazing things that water can do for you.

Helps you slim down
Cold water can raise your metabolism and helps you feel full.

Boosts your energy
Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and being well-hydrated helps your heart pump more effectively.

Lowers your stress
Your brain tissue is made up of 70-80% water. Being dehydrated puts your brain and mind under stress.

Helps you build your muscles
Water lubricates your joints and helps prevent muscle cramps, allowing you to get a better and longer workout.

Nourishes your skin
Drinking water hydrates and plumps up your skin cells making your skin appear more youthful.

Aids with your digestion
Water helps your body dissolve and pass waste particles.

The amount of water that your body needs to stay hydrated can depend on the environment, amount of exertion, if you are ill, if you are pregnant, and other factors. Fight dehydration this summer by keeping a water bottle handy during these hot months.

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