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If you have a disability that prevents you from working (including pregnancy), the TeamstersCare Weekly Disability Benefit will pay you a benefit each week, for up to 26 weeks. The disability must be caused by a sickness or injury that is not related to your job. Benefits begin on the 8th day of the disability, after a 7-day waiting period.

Your weekly disability benefit equals 75 percent of your regular weekly base pay, for a minimum of $300 per week to a maximum of $600 per week. This benefit is available for the member only and is calculated based on your average hours for the three highest months reported in the previous six-month eligibility determination period. Your weekly wages will be calculated based on the straight time rate of pay listed on the paycheck stub you provide (must be dated within the most recent eligibility determination period).

To be eligible for benefits, you must submit the appropriate form, which is available from Charlestown Member Services. This form must be filled out by you, your employer and your doctor.

For more information on weekly disability benefits see pages 34-38 of the MSTS Summary Plan Description.