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Once every year, you and your family members are eligible to receive a comprehensive hearing test at our Charlestown Appointment Desk. Ordinarily, hearing care services and equipment are covered only when they are provided at our TeamstersCare Audiology Office.

All routine hearing examinations, diagnostic evaluations and middle ear analyses are provided at no cost to you. Services include:

  • Ear examinations
  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Middle ear analysis
  • Hearing aid analysis, fitting and follow-up, as appropriate

To schedule an appointment for a hearing exam for you or your eligible dependents (ages 3 and up), contact our Charlestown Audiology Office.

Out of Area Benefit

If you or your family members live outside of New England, you can be authorized to receive certain hearing care services from a private audiologist, provided our TeamstersCare audiologist conducts a pre-treatment review. For more information, see page 33 of your MSTS Summary Plan Description or call the Audiology Office directly.