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TeamstersCare has contracted with Davis Vision to provide you and your family with benefits to protect your vision and eye health. With a national network of participating providers, you may visit any Davis Vision eye specialist for a broad range of eye care services and supplies – often at no cost to you.

For a list of participating providers, call Davis Vision at 1-800-999-5431 or visit You may also contact Charlestown Member Services for a list of New England providers.

Vision Benefits

Benefit Cost
Routine Vision Exam
You and your spouse
Your eligible children

Once every 24 months
Once every 12 months

No cost
Plan member
Your spouse
Eligible children

3 pairs of eyeglasses every 24 months*
2 pairs of prescription eyeglasses every 24 months
1 pair of prescription eyeglasses every 12 months

No cost
Contact Lenses
You and your spouse
Eligible children

In lieu of eyeglasses, once every 24 months
In lieu of eyeglasses, once every 12 months

$25 copay**
Laser Vision Correction A 25% discount at participating Davis Vision facilities.

*As the plan member, you may choose to receive one pair of safety glasses and/or one pair of non-prescription sunglasses as part of the eyewear benefit.

**Copay covers standard, daily-wear soft contact lenses OR a three-month supply of disposable lenses with a cleaning kit OR all visits required for lens fitting and follow-up care. Additional contact lenses beyond the benefit amount may be purchased for a discount from Davis Vision. For more information, call 1-800-LENS123.

Important Note: When choosing either eyeglasses or contact lenses, you must make your full selection at the time of your examination. If you go to a provider who only provides an exam, you must order glasses through another provider within 30 days of your vision exam.

For detailed information on your vision benefit, see pages 29-31 of your MSTS Summary Plan Description.