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Eligibility Basics

As an MSTS member, you become eligible for TeamstersCare benefits in one of two ways:

  • When you begin working for an employer who is already contributing to the Teamsters Union 25 Health Services & Insurance Plan (TeamstersCare). In this case, you’ll become an active participant in the plan as soon as you fulfill the eligibility and enrollment requirements.


  • When you are already working for an employer who begins contributing to TeamstersCare. In this case, you’ll become an active participant when:
    • Your employer contributes to TeamstersCare an amount equal to the remittance rate times the required number of hours AND
    • You fulfill the eligibility requirements

How You Become Eligible

You become eligible to enroll in TeamstersCare benefits once you have worked – and your employer has remitted contributions for – a total of 550 hours during a fixed six-month period. To be eligible for coverage from February through July, for example, you must have worked a minimum of 550 hours between June 1 and November 30.


Dependent Eligibility

Once your own eligibility begins, your dependents also become eligible for medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, hearing and behavioral health benefits. For the purposes of this plan, eligible dependents include:

  • Your current spouse, or an ex-spouse who meets certain criteria. (See the MSTS Summary Plan Description for full details)
  • Your children, up to the last day of the month the child turns age 26.
  • Your unmarried children who are incapable of self care and dependent on you for support because of a physical or mental disability and meet certain other criteria.

For full details on dependent eligibility, including the definition of an eligible or disabled child, please see the MSTS Summary Plan Description.