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As a member of the Retiree Prescription Drug Program, you may obtain your pharmacy benefits in one of the following ways:

Option #1: TeamstersCare Walk-in Service

You and your spouse can get up to a 90-day supply of your prescription drugs at either the Charlestown or Stoughton TeamstersCare in-house pharmacies. The cost per prescription is $5 for generic and $15 for brand name medications.

To fill a new prescription, you may walk in during pharmacy hours or have your doctor phone, fax or e-prescribe your medication.

To refill a prescription, you have two options:

Note: Make sure you have your prescription available, as you’ll need the six-digit refill number.

Option #2: Mail-Order Service

Obtain up to a 90-day supply of your prescription drug through the Express Scripts mail order service. The cost per prescription is $5 for generic and $15 for brand name medications, if no generic is available.

To fill a mail-order prescription, mail your prescription and copay, along with your Prescription Order Form. This form is available by calling Express Scripts at (877) 543-7097 or by going to

To refill a mail order prescription, you may either:

  • Log on to and click “Order Status”
  • Call the Express Scripts automated phone service at 1-877-543-7097
  • Mail a Refill Request Form, along with a refill slip or prescription label, to Express Scripts.

Specialty Medications

If you have a prescription for a specialty medication (certain high-cost drugs which treat complex conditions), you must fill your prescription through either of our in-house TeamstersCare pharmacies (walk-in service) or through Accredo, the Express Scripts Specialty Pharmacy (mail order only). The copayment per prescription is $15 for up to a 30-day supply.