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EnrollRetirees-65If you intend to enroll in the Early Retiree Medical Program, you must provide Charlestown Member Services with written notification within 30 days of becoming first eligible to enroll in the program.

In most cases, you’ll choose to join the medical program as soon as you become eligible. However, if you’re covered under another group health plan at the time of your eligibility, you may reapply at a later date only if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have other group health coverage, such as an employer-sponsored plan or COBRA at the time TeamstersCare first offers you retiree coverage AND
  • You provide written notification (“deferral”) to TeamstersCare explaining that this other coverage is the reason you’re declining enrollment


  • You must become ineligible for your other health coverage OR
  • Your COBRA coverage must end

To request special enrollment in the Early Retiree Medical Program, you must submit your request within 30 days of losing your coverage under your other plan, along with proof that your coverage has ended. Provided you are otherwise eligible for TeamstersCare benefits, your coverage will begin no later than the first day of the month following the receipt of your application.

Enrolling Dependents

If, after you become eligible, you have a new dependent as a result of a marriage, birth or adoption, you may be able to enroll your dependent in this program. Coverage for this new dependent begins on the date of the marriage, birth or adoption, as long as enrollment materials and documentation are provided within 30 days of the event. If more than 30 days have passed, coverage begins on the first of the month in which documentation was received.

Important Note: If the addition of a dependent results in an increase to your premium, payment must be made before coverage will be activated.