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TeamstersCare/BCBS COVID Testing Coverage

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the health and safety of our members is our top priority. We cover medically necessary testing to diagnose symptoms or illness when ordered by a licensed clinician, in keeping with state and federal guidance.

Currently, we are covering diagnostic COVID-19 testing (testing for active illness or symptoms, rather than prior infection) at no cost. However, antibody testing (testing which can show a well person if they have been infected previously) is not always covered. In order for that to be covered, it must be deemed medically necessary by the individual’s medical provider. This policy is aligned with federal laws and guidance.

We suggest that members consult their physician to confirm if antibody testing is medically appropriate. The science related to testing is evolving and we will continue to monitor and will be responsive to state and federal guidance.

The bottom line is:

  • A referral from your PCP is needed. Call your provider and explain the circumstances why you believe you need to be tested
  • As long as your PCP approves the testing, it’s covered by BCBS with no copay
  • Bring your BCBS card to wherever you get tested
  • Testing is not covered if it’s required by your employer

If you have any questions about COVID testing, call BCBS at 1-800-241-0803.