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TeamstersCare EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Services

Reminder – The TeamstersCare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is here to help. Prior to the COVID 19 Pandemic, one in five Americans had a diagnosable mental health or substance abuse issue. During the Pandemic, these rates have skyrocketed. Depression and anxiety have increased, along with alcohol and substance abuse issues. EAP services include short term counseling, referral and advocacy. Additionally, EAP provides group programs.

  • R.A.F.T. – Alcohol/Substance Abuse Recovery Program – meets weekly
  • Grief Recovery Group
  • Women’s Recovery Group

Please call EAP at 1-800-851-8326 for more information.

Members with TeamstersCare Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage have additional mental health services. Call the Blue Cross Blue Shield Behavioral Health Line at 1-800-444-2426 for assistance. Virtual visits are also available through Well Connection at: