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TeamstersCare Wellness Program 2020

TeamstersCare Nutrition Challenge – 25 Points/Dollars

January 13 – February 24, 2020

Enrollment begins January 6, 2020.

The challenge runs from January 13th through February 24, 2020.

This 6-week challenge will encourage you to get more healthy foods in your diet. Your goal of the challenge will be to log at least 24 total days of 2 servings of fruits and 2 servings of veggies over 6 weeks.

Servings can be logged using the Fruit and Vegetable tracker on ahealthyme, the Food Log on ahealthyme, or the Food Tracker on the HealthyNow mobile app. To successfully complete the challenge, servings must be uploaded by Monday, February 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

If you successfully meet the challenge goal, your earned points will appear at the close of the challenge.