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The ahealthyme®’ Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge Overview

The ahealthyme®’ Nutrition Challenge is an engaging program that guides you toward better health and well-being. In this challenge, you’ll track your daily fruit and vegetable intake, while learning about the value of healthy eating. Your servings of fruits and vegetables can be logged on the ahealthyme®’ website—using either the Daily Fruit & Veggie Tracker or the Food Log.

When you’re logging fruits and vegetables, you’ll also have access to articles and resources that illustrate the importance of healthy food choices.

If it’s unreasonably difficult or medically inadvisable for you to participate in this challenge, contact or Kelly Glynn at (617) 241-9220 ext. 241 to learn about alternative activities. Recommendations of your personal doctor will be accommodated.

Registration: January 4, 2021–January 17, 2021
Challenge Runs: January 11, 2021–February 22, 2021

Click Here to view the Nutrition Challenge Participant Guide